Bearded Man Comics

Sulaweb Inc was co-founded and co-created by Juan Espinosa on 2016. The company was created to build website. We had a couple of costumers but were not really enjoying building websites for others.  I did had a blast creating this website though. 

My partner and I decided to go our separate ways. Since I was beginning to write comics and he started to create music, we also decided that I was going to become the sole owner of Sulaweb Inc.  

On September 2019 I decided to register the name Bearded Man Comics to rebrand Sulaweb Inc and make it more adequate for the comic world. That is when Bearded Man Comics came to life. 

This independent publishing company is behind the comic series “Adventures of a System Admin” and “Mythology Stories”.  We have big plans for many other series that will be created by Juan Espinosa.

Maybe in the future we can help bring to life other comics from other creators. We will love to help the this amazing community. Stay tune!!!!